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The Art of Receiving and Cultivating an Abundance Mindset with Andrea Freeman | B3 Podcast

November 3, 2021

Have you ever thought you needed more followers to make the income you want in your business? How do I receive more abundance without spinning on a hamster wheel and doing ALL.THE.THINGS.? How can I operate my business from scarcity to abundance? In this episode, we answer all of your questions with our special guest, Andrea Freeman. Andrea is a mindful business coach and peak performance planner who works with creative entrepreneurs to support their evolution. She believes that transforming your life is the access to changing your business. 

Andrea started her first business when she was 12. WOW! After years of synthesizing the peak performance habits of the red carpet celebrities and high net-worth clients, she’s served in her event planning business with the mindset work that has worked in her own life/business (as well as with countless coaching clients). Andrea created the H.O.S.T MethodTM. Now, she’s on a mission to help service-based business owners realign with their purpose, create greater financial freedom, fulfillment, and make a difference in the world. Clarity of purpose, increased revenue and sustainable, soulful success are just a few of the benefits her clients experience.


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